„So lügt Udo Ulfkotte“

Veröffentlicht: 16. Mai 2010 von fareus in Antiislamismus
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So lügt Udo Ulfkotte

In 2003 the journalist and security expert Dr. Udo Ulfkotte published a book So lügen Journalisten („This is How Journalists Lie“) where he accused the fourth estate of deliberately distorting the truth.  Dr. Ulfkotte needs to add an appendix that covers his own activities, since he routinely publishes lies on the Web site of Kopp Verlag.  In his most recent lie, he accuses President Obama of waging war against Christians who want to pray before their meals.


What makes Ulfkotte’s lies doubly absurd is the fact that civil libertarians are outraged at President Obama for observing the National Day of Prayer.

Why does Ulfkotte insist on routinely publishing lies to smear the US and President Obama?  Udo Ulfkotte has written elsewhere that black Africans are „savages“ and no doubt he agrees with the birthers that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim.

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